Aggressive male pekin duck

Chloe Johnson

Aug 13, 2016
So I had a pekin duck named Milton for a little over a year and he was aggressive in the past four months that we had him. We had gave him to my brother because he had 25 chickens a female duck named Angel. Ever since he was with Angel he has been super aggressive he will attack by biting your feet/toes etc. (MILTON WAS NEVER ABUSED BY MY BROTHER OR US WE ARE COMPLETELY AGAINST ANIMAL ABUSE!!!!) Anyway, my brother saw him then mating a cpurple days ago. Whenever my brother tries to get the chicken eggs out of the nesting box Milton runs into the coop to attack my brother. Ever since he saw the mating he's been even more aggressive. Milton fights a lot with the chickens and Milton has scratches all over his beak from the chickens but Angel does not have any scratches whatsoever. He is so aggressive now that my brother wants to get rid of Milton just because of his aggressiveness towards us his wife his kids in the other chickens. Why is Milton so aggressive since he's been with Angel? Can someone please please tell me why Milton is like this!?
Milton is just being a male duck. They are very protective of their mates during breeding season and can get very aggressive with other animals and people during this time (their hormone levels skyrocket during part of the year). The best thing for you guys to do is to pen Milton and Angel somewhere so you can get to your other animals and live your lives without him attacking anyone. It is an unfortunate behavior we must learn to deal with when we have male ducks around, but it is completely normal. Some males stay pretty nice year-round, but alot of them become like Milton. Once breeding season is over for the year (should be winding down in the next couple months) he should calm down again and be alot nicer.
i have 2 male pekin ducks one is 1 years old the other will be 2 in the spring so 1 and 2 no females but I have hens. 8 of them. the young duck has been attacking hens upsetting them and the older male duck is going to kill me. he is very angry and attacks me. I have to use a board for a barrier between us. I want to get rid of him. any thoughts
he is just mean.
Drakes can’t live with chicken hens with out female ducks drakes will seriously injure or kill a hen by mating they have totally different body parts than a rooster. You can put them on Craigslist or here on BYC find your state thread at where am I where are you and see if anyone is interested. Or pen your drakes separate from your hens an keep the separated.

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