Aggressive Peking duck

Chloe Johnson

Aug 13, 2016
So I had a pekin duck (Milton) for a little over a year and he was getting aggressive (like biting hands, feet/toes etc.) to us about 4 or 5 months before we gave him to my brother who has 25 chickens and a female pekin duck (Angel). Ever since we gave him to my brother he's been SUPER aggressive to us. WAY more aggressive than he ever was. Milton is now running at us with his wings out trying go actually attack us. Now, my brother or us had NEVER abused Milton! (WE ARE COMPLETELY AGAINST ANIMAL ABUSE IN ANY WAY!) Anyway, my brother had saw Milton and Angel mating a couple weeks ago. Now, whenever my brother, his wife, his kids, or even us try to get the eggs out of the nesting box Milton tries to bite us. Even though the eggs aren't Angels (the eggs are the chickens) he tries attaking us. He's also been getting into fights with the chickens lately. He has scratches on his beak from the chickens but Angel doesn't have any scratches. We do not know what's happening and my brother is now wanting to get rid of Milton but he's attaking so much so if anyone knows why Milton is acting like this PLEASE, PLEASE leave a comment.
I don't raise ducks, but have plenty of roosters. My guess is that Milton is trying to show all of you that he is boss at the new place & he wants no one to take that away from him.

When I have a rooster act out, I put them in a dog crate (time out) for a couple weeks. It seems to reset the attitude. Not sure if it would work for the drake. Good luck, keep me posted please.
Thank you and I'll for sure keep you posted about his behavior etc

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