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    Mar 5, 2011
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    I have a rooster that I have raised by hand since the time he popped out of the egg. He just discovered he was a "rooster" about two months ago and has terrorized the hens to the point that they hide under the roost and haven't come out of the coop in over a month and he's tried to peck me a few times! He has also been trying to have "relations" with our duck (who oddly enough doesn't seem to mind). Should I be worried? Will he eventually back off? Do I need to separate them?
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    If the rooster is too aggressive for your needs, re-homing might be in order.

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    It's not fair to the rest of the flock (hens) to keep allowing him to terrorize them.... I don't know if he will settle, but at minimum you need to keep him restricted so the other birds can come out of the coop to enjoy some time ranging.
    If you need him for breeding then do something to seperate him until needed... but in my opinion (an you don't have to agree) I think there are enough nice roosters around who treat the hens much better so you shouldn't need to breed him.
    I would either rehome him or cull him to the freezer.
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    Apr 8, 2008
    I would separate him for a while and see if he calms down. If he's still aggressive after separation, I'd cull or sell him. I certainly wouldn't breed from him. There seems to be a genetic component in rooster aggression, and you don't want to perpetuate those genes.

    There are too many non-aggressive roosters that need homes to keep a nasty one.

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