Aging my duck?

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  1. I was fishing a couple weeks ago and these two people showed up with two young ducks, letting them go. One seemed just fine while the other panicked. She/he was obviously imprinted on them, and didn't want to be left there. As soon as the people left, this young duck attached itself to me. So I brought him/her home. I originally thought it was a female, not knowing they all look like females at this age, but now there is a greenish tint on the top of his/her head. Thankfully, I named the duck Sascha. It sounds like a girls name, but is often used as a guys name too. However, I have no clue what age Sascha is. I've googled all the key words I can think of to find weekly photos of the ages. Sascha had most of his/her feathers, except the wings. The tertials are mostly grown out while the secondaries and axial feathers are only just poking out of their follicles. Any ideas? My best guess is anywhere between 5 and 7 weeks. But like I said, I can't find any good sites that explain the different ages.

    (Yes, I am a Poultry Scientist (well a senior in college, majoring in poultry science) but we do more with chickens than ducks.)

    Also, anyone know any good books for duck behaviors?[​IMG]
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    May 5, 2011
    Can you get a pic?
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    You are about right. Mine are 5 wks. old and looks like your description. Leaning more toward the 5 weeks old.
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    I think your guess is about right. Ducks are supposed to be fully grown at eight weeks, so that would include having all their feathers. Maybe 6 weeks?
  5. Ill get a picture up soon. I need to charge my camera's battery and my phones camera just doesn't do her/him justice : )

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