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    I have a buff cochin who it being bullied by a light brahma, an americana and a black sex link. I don't have a roo and the bullies are 4 year old hens. I knew someone was picking on her, she had a bare bottom where someone had pulled her feathers out, but today I caught them in the act. They managed to "gang" up on the poor thing, bouncing her from one direction to another. Do I get rid of the bullies? the poor cochin? I have a total of 19 chickens, adding a couple each spring. They have plenty of room and free range for 2 hours in the evening. Need ideas - thanks

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    Separate out the bullies for a period of time--days not hours, and then reintroduce them one at a time to the flock over a period of a week. Hopefully they will have lost rank and will get their butts kicked. If they resume their bullying, either cull them or the bullied hen. Good luck at resolving this.
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    She is probably just the Bottom Of Pecking Order, if she is new the need to establish that, but if not separate her from the bullies...Good Luck [​IMG]
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