Agricultural simulator game 2011?

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  1. Has anyone seen/heard of/played this??

    I saw it in walmart, and it looks pretty cool, I was going to get it for myself for xmas lol, but it's 20$ and I'm a bit low on money this month.

    I've tried looking up reviews about it, but can't find anything. I don't want to get it, upload it, then find out it's completely boring.

    because I'm not sure if the walmart in town takes returns on electronics.

    so if anyone has played it, please tell me how it was.
  2. simulatorking

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    Dec 17, 2011
    Hey there I dont think this is the right game for you to blow you hard earned cash on.

    I see alot of simulator games. be there helicopter simulator, plane simulators, boat simulators, truck simulators and agricultural simulator. I also write reviews about them and have started a blog which you can find in my footer. I have just made a section for Farming Simulators which will be updated very shortley

    A quick search online for some reviews says this game has alot of installation problems so dont waste your money on it. it causes you a headace to set up if your not savvey with computers. However there is a company called giants software and they are the world leaders in simulator games (quick google would bring you more detailed info). They have a game called Farming simulator 2011 which I cannot fault and is genuinly enjoyable this is also around the same price of agricultural simulator and you can get a hard copy (dvd) ready for the chirstmas season from amazon.

    Hope you enjoy it, be sure to check my blog in a few weeks.
  3. CluckyJay

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    Feb 23, 2011
    Crossville, Tennessee
    If I could find a computer game with awesome graphics and the ability to grow crops and raise and breed animals, build my house/farm--etc. I would absolutely DIE from pleasure! [​IMG]

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