Ahh - 4 pips overnight on day 20! HELP!


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Feb 19, 2011
Ok, so I'm not going to freak out like others do at this point (yeah right...), but I do have a couple questions.

WHen they chicks pip, is there continual movement/pipping action? Or do the chicks take long breaks? I just got up after sleeping through my 3:00 alarm to go check the eggs, and there are the 4 pips. 2 are just 'dents', but the other 2 definitely have a bit of cracking action.

My question: should I see either movement, or rocking, or 'breathing' (whatever that looks like) when I can't yet see the actual chick('s beak)? Basically, I'm worried about the 'pip and die' syndrome, and I'm wondering if they've been pipped for, like, 8 hours already and are dead b/c they've stopped now.

Make sense? Drat... I got up late so I don't have any extra time to sit and watch to see if there's any movement/progress. Obviously the best I can do is wait - but can anyone answer my questions above?


PS - I hope I come home to my 2 little kids staring with excitement into an incubator full of chicks!
Piping can take hours. Its hard work chipping threw that shell. They will work at it awhile and then take a nap. It may even be tomorrow before all is said and done!
Whoot whoot, won't be to much longer
And yes, I too was like u
They do take breaks, they work those little beaks, sometimes u see their beaks at the rio, sometimes u don't
I always use a flashlight and then go to bed wake up and babies..whoop whoop


Never say I didn't give u anything..hehehe..wink wink
Arrggh... I have a staff meeting after work today... I'm thinking I'm going to skip it on the grounds of "Paternal leave" or something like that!

I just hatched some last weekend. My first pip happened Thursday at 4:20pm, that chick did not make any progress or hatch until Friday at 3:00pm! So yes, some do take long breaks and some get in a big hurry to get out

Good Luck on your hatch

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