Ahh Why!?!?!?


9 Years
Apr 9, 2010
We ordered 25 cornish rocks and got 1 runt. Well the runt wasn't looking good so I started hand watering him and he improved greatly. I water him every 2-3 hours just to make sure he has enough. The problem is now whenever I reach in the brooder he comes running and jumps in my hand. I am trying not to, but it is hard not to love his cute self the way he is soooo friendly. And when I put him back in the brooder he screams like he is about to die, so I have taken to holding him in my jacket while I check on the others. Caught my self saying "It's alright momma is here." I just wish he wasn't so friendly, its not like I can keep him
. I also have to interact with him every day because he needs extra help. Anyway here are some pics of the runt
In my jacket

In the brooder
Lol had to look that one up, guess they are. Runt is doing good today looking healthier than yesterday. Running around the brooder stepping all over the bigger chicks and eating up a storm.
Oh man that would be tough. By the time he is old enough to process all he'll probably care about is food. Let's hope, because if he still follows you and is a sweetie, oh man that'd be worse. Good luck.

I like my meaties standoffish, makes things easier. LOL
I know right!!! All the others come over and check out my hand, but he is so sweet and will climb in my hand. I don't know if I'll be able to eat him if he stays a sweetie

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