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  1. camila

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    Apr 29, 2009
    One of my older Rhode Island Reds has had the look of carrying a load in her drawers for sometime. Now the lower abdominal skin is exposed red and raw. She is eating and drinking, but rests up against something to remain propped. She is not able to roost, so remains on the ground at night. She is heavy to lift which gives me the impression that there is something heavy in that distended abdomen.
    Any ideas and or explanations?
    She is not a happy chicken.:
  2. LynneP

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    It is possible she is eggbound and may have peritonitis.

    This may be a life-threatening situation and she need to be separated and given a warm cage immediately. Have you ever given a shallow belly bath?

    Also be prepared in case she has contracted an infection.

    I don't know your level of experience but I feel this hen in in deep trouble...very sorry

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