Air Cell development, not enough?

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    I have 8 shipped eggs I'm incubating in a Brinsea Mini Advance, turning by hand 3 times daily. They are standing with air cells up in a cut up egg carton. I decided to try dry incubation with them, and on day 7 air cell development looked good. Today was day 14, and now I'm not so sure what to think. 3 of the eggs are alive and kicking. 3 I'm sure are dead. 2 are too dark to make out much when candled. 2 of the living ones have had very little air cell development since day 7, according to my day 7 pencil line. The other looks about right for day 14. Same with the uncertains; 1 looks about right for day 14, the other didn't seem to expand at all. The 'dead' ones I'm not as concerned about, but for comparison, 1 doesn't have an air cell, 1 looks to have had way too much development, and one looks to be right on.

    So, what do I do? Should I do anything? I can't take away any humidity, as I'm not currently adding water. I thought if I had a problem, it would be too much air cell.
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    Always let them go, unless you smell a bad one. They very well may surprise you.

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