Air cell on pointy end of egg due to hatch tomorrow


8 Years
Mar 18, 2011
Chino Valley, AZ
I have an egg with the air cell on the pointy end, it is not a shipped egg. I did not realize this until 3 or 4 days ago and turned it pointy side up when I discovered it during candling. I candled it again today and the chick is still alive and should do an internal pip today. I worry it is upside down. Does anyone have any advice about this or should I just let nature take it's course?


8 Years
Jul 15, 2011
I had 2 silkie eggs from my broody do this at different hatches. 1 did it all on its own. The other chick I let go for a couple days past the hatch date but when it still didn't hatch I helped it along a lil at a time. It did the internal pip on its own but couldn't break the shell. Then I think it got to big cause when it hatched it seemed so big. Its legs were cramed so tight it took it about 2 days to get its legs working right. Now its fine but I thought about culling the first night. Just watch it really close. If it were me (and I am not that expereienced with helping chicks hatch) I would give it 24 hours after internal pip and then help it by VERY carfully piping through the shell near the beak if you can see it when candling. Just my thought. Maybe some1 else can tell you better when it would be a good idea to step in?

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