Air Cell 'Problem'?

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May 8, 2015
Hi. This is my second time hatching out in my brinsea mini eco and today it is day 8. All the eggs are looking good. The only issue is that it's been really rainy here lately, and the humidity has been at 40% the entire time, without any water in the incubator. Most of the air cells are growing like they should, but one Cochin bantam egg's air cell doesn't seem to be getting much bigger at all. Should I be worried?? I know it is quite early on in the hatch, but what happens if its way to small at hatch yet? I just don't want anything to go wrong.
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Unfortunately you have to keep the settings for the majority of the eggs. If all of the others are looking good I would not change what you are doing. It does not necessarily mean that this one will not hatch. My air cells are often different here and there from one another. If this air cell is particularly small and it makes it to lock down you could try hatching it vertically like in an egg carton.
x2. I've had eggs that looked great, eggs that lost too much moisture and eggs that didn't loose enough all in the same hatch. It's hard not to fret over them, but they usually hatch out just fine. If you make adjustments for that one egg, you could potentially jeopardize the others. Do what's best for the majority and :fl
Thanks. Yeah I'm just going to leave everything alone for now, and hope that the air cell on that one gets bigger. Thanks for the advice, it made me not as anxious :)

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