air cell problem?


10 Years
Jan 28, 2009
(south West) Virginia
I have some shipped eggs n the incubator I candled yesterday day 17 and the air cell is on the small end of the shell, I've had some be a lil out of place but not like they are. What would be the best way to position them to hatch, I normally lay them in the bator on their sides, have tried hatching in egg cartons didn't have the best of luck. Locking down today and would like some opinions.

I always cut foam cartons so that there is lots of air flow around the eggs and I always set them fat side up.

Last time at lockdown I hatched out 18 of 19 eggs.

I did have to help one with an aircell that went longways along one side of the egg, but all of the others pipped and hatched on their own.

If the aircell is at the bottom perhaps I'd lay the egg on it's side in a carton, but usually when the air cell is at the bottom I've found they don't hatch.

Good luck.
I have noticed with shipped eggs with broken air cells, if you notice the air bubble creeps along the sides exactly like the track of the turner, 45 degrees down one side maybe both sides. I think it is caused by the air cell bubble trying to stay on top as the egg turns in the early stages. If you lay the egg on the side instead of in a turner, the air cell bubble gravitates toward the the highest point on the side of the egg that is up. I wish I could think of a way to turn the egg without causing the air cell to move from the top but so far I am out of ideas.
I had this happen with my last batch, It was my first time incubating so I didnt think anything of having all my air cells on the bottom (pointy end) I only had one hatch out of 12. It was a bummer.

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