air cells on the side??

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    Aug 4, 2009
    A few weeks ago I incubated 3 eggs in the r-com mini 3 which has the eggs lying on their sides and turns them hourly until the final 3 days.......all 3 eggs (mixed mutts) hatched did the other 6 under the broody hen. On candling, air cells were at the big end where i think they are meant to be!

    Well, fast forward......I have now got 4 silkie bantam eggs (shipped) on day 6....they have been under another broody hen for the last 6 days and on candling them this morning I found that they all have development but they seem very sectioned......yolk very visible, veining/tiny chick on one side and on the other side (not at either end of the egg) was the air cell. Is this ok? 3 of them are in the incy and 1 back under broody (along with another 5 Orpington eggs....2 days behind these ones)

    I am going to keep a close eye on these ones but why are they so different?? is it the shipping which might have made the air cells wobbly? I chucked 2 of these eggs at the beginning as they had detached and broken air cells.


    many thanks
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    I recently received some eggs that had gone through very rough shipping. Some have detached air cells, some have tremulous air cells, some are cracked. 9 out of 20 have movement on day 10.
    Your eggs probably have detached/tremulous air sacs. There's still hope for them!
    Mine are in my cabinet incubator. In the auto turner. I'm just going to give them the best chance I can & see what happens. Candling pics from day 5 are on my thread, pg 18, here:
    luck with your hatch!

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