Air cells small day 17, HELP


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Sep 16, 2014
hello there. i candled my eggs today before lockdown and noticed the air cell smaller than anticipated for this stage of incubation. i have a mini brinsea incubator that has been running at 99.5 with one water channel filled at all times. humidity 55-60%. is there anything i can do at this point to increase the size of the air cell? should i be concerned or will the chicks be ok. the eggs began rocking today and i could see movement during the candling. any information would be greatly appreciate. thank you!
Welcome to BYC. With my limited amount of incubation experience, I have tried to keep my humidity more like 45% before day 18 because of this sort of thing, since humidity needs to be 60% or more during the last 3 days before hatch. However, if you post on the incubation thread, you may get better advice here:
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thank you so much for your reply. i took your advice and posted a thread in the incubation section. appreciate your kindness greatly! have a great day.

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