Airflow - humidity & lockdown


13 Years
Apr 15, 2008
Dunlap Illinois
a lot of you know I built my onw bator. My first hatch was poor - about 40% 2/3 of them made it to the end then died.

It was humidity. I couldn't get it above 40 - 45% during lock down.

I changed the water system & tested & wow I can run at 80%.

The thing is - the eggs went into lock down yesterday & I had the H in the mid 70's. I came back an hour later & it was 40%.

I decided that there were too many holes - so I taped over the holes where the turner went in.

The H came up to 50% & stayed there.

I was on to something.

I blocked off all the holes - no air at all.

H jumped to over 80%. So I can control it.

I poked some small holes in some of the tape & removed some covering holes all together so I have good air - but not so much.

I was really wondering if my bator had enough air flow. It appears it has way too much air flow!

By the way - I have a pip!
OK - so when I woke up this morning I now have 3 large pips!

The humidity is holding between 70 - 78 depending on how close to when I add more hot water.

In any case - I have a couple of the vents open but most closed off in order to hold in the moisture.

I have 9 eggs in there now. I'm almost certain 1 is a dud though. It looked too runny at my last candling. That said - I wanted to give it a chance.

So after first candle there were 10 eggs that were good.

2 have burnt out. 3 have pipped. Lets see how the others do!!

By the way - I have aracauna and buff orp hens & they are crossed with my black silkie rooster. No idea what they will look like!
I think I finally have it figured out.

I wish I had known the airflow was killing my humidity on my first hatch. I think it cost me 2/3 of my hatch.

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