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  1. so Im tired of everyone saying like "ITS -50 THERE?! I THOUGHT IT WAS COLD WHEN IT WAS 63 HERE!" and stuff along that lines so this is an alaskans thread for alaskans to talk about alaska stuff, so ALASKANS COME!! OR ELSE [​IMG]
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    Sorry I'm not there but good for you for bringing this up.
    What gets me is people giving advice as though it is universally set in stone.
    In reality what works for one, in many cases, is bad advice in another part of the country.
    This isn't Alaska but it goes from -10 to 110 here and always high humidity so California, Texas, Florida or even Alaska advice doesn't work here.
  3. huh?
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    near Yorkville, GA
    -50? ...Must be on the Fairbanks side...:)
  5. Ya, kinda sucks LOL, lost a chicken cause of the -50
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    Nov 23, 2010
    St. Louis, MO
    Sorry to hear that, what breed did you lose?
    Do you add heat when it gets WAAAY below zero?

    I feel for you and I imagine cochins and brahmas are pretty good choices there.
    I know you didn't ask for advice but I had a thought for adding birds in those extremes.
    Have you considered the following extremely cold hardy birds?
    Russian Orloff : tiny walnut comb and very heavy feathered
    Chantecler : nearly no wattles and a small cushion comb
    Jaerhon : very small comb, small thrifty very cold hardy and lots of white eggs
    Wyandotte : rose comb, great layer

  7. we lost a brown leghorn hen because we were moving them inside cause even with the heat lamp they were too cold and she had cold shock

    well we actually only have cochin and brahama CHICKS but i love them so [email protected]! my first cochin was cause my sisters chicken died so we got this cute black one, well i bonded with him and named him JellyBean, he was so sweet!! and then our brahama Joey, we thought was a boy but kept the name, was hard to catch but so sweet and there was tree that all the chickens roosted in and she, even with help, would always fall down

    My sister wants an orloff but he died\
    We had a chantecler but that was a while back
    never heard of it
    my sister loves those
  8. oh and we have like 5 cochins, black, splash but looks more black, white, buff, red frizzle and partridge, adn we have 2 dark unamed brahamas and like 3 light

    Black= Jelly Bean Jr. if boy or Chick pea if girl
    Splash- unamed
    white- unnamed
    Buff- unnamed
    frizzle- Ylf (why-lif, fly spelled backwards)
    Partridge- Danny(my sisters chicken so i forget about him LOL)
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    Wasilla Alaska
    I'm in Wasila with Barred Rocks, EE, White Leghorns, Brown Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, Silver Wyandotte, Black sex link, red sex link, Polish; Marans and they all do just fine through the winter. When it gets into the negatives, they tend to stay inside, an occasional poke the head out the door and run back in. You delta/ Fairbanks folks have it hard keeping that coop warm. Ran into a guy in Copper Center with chickens, he put tubing down and poured concrete over it. Runs a circulating pump around his wood stove stack, then back to the henhouse. Claims when it's -40 the house stays at about 40 above. Interesting idea, I just got electricity to the far house this last summer.

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