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Sep 2, 2008
We ordered Albino Chukar Eggs Which hatched the other day... they look like regular Chukars... I thought they would be while when they hatched or atleast yellow... We spent $60 on 20 eggs... ugh... I can't see Albinos turning from colorful to white... Does that happen?
I could be wrong but im pretty sure you cant be sure that there are albino chicks in eggs. Having something be albino is a genetic disorder. It's nothing you can really multiply unless maybe if both the parents are albino. If the eyes are red, then you have an albino chuckar.
They look just like any other newly hatched chukar... I got them off an ebay auction... I asked him this morning if they are supposed to hatch out that way & change to white, which I'm sure they should of hatched out white... Anyhow, he's trying to say that I must of gotten the eggs mixed up with some other eggs & blah blah blah... I know which ones I received from him, I separated them from all other chukar eggs we bought from another auction... I'm very disappointed! I mean, $60 for regular Chukar eggs???
That really sucks. I dont get stuff off ebay because of recent experiences. People will rip other people off whenever they get the chance. There eyes should be red and if they arent..then i dont know what to say.
He's still arguing about it... There goes $60 down the tube... ugh...
I feel really screwed over right now...
This is my 2nd bad experience with ebay sellers, all within the last week!
We sell eggs ourself & have always sent exactly what was ordered. I've only had 1 neutral feedback on my eggs & that is because 4 had broken in transit, they didn't count all the extra eggs they received so they came out a head no matter what. That was irritating... Anyhow, I pride myself on being a good seller. I guess I expect the same in return...
I ordered from B&D Game Farm not long ago. I ordered 25 Chukar eggs & 50 Coturnix & Tibetan Eggs. They only sent 20 Chukar eggs & sent extra Quail eggs, that was disappointing but no biggie... Then, 5 of the chukar eggs were bantams! As for the Quail I have golden Speckled & Tuxedo along with Tibetan, Coturnix & what looks like a Tibetan Coturnix mix...
I'm finding that there are just some people you just don't trust...
Sorry, I'm really irritated right now...
I would be happy to

The Seller is: rsquared71
His name is Richard. He did a wonderful job packaging the eggs, fast shipping, ect. I left him a great feedback. Now that they are hatched, I'm feeling really screwed over. I think I may write to him today & be more firm. I'm tired of being nice & this isn't right.
Another one to watch out for on ebay is: filipinaislandgirl
He sells items without full description. He sold me junk, clothes with bleach stains & worn out. When I left him a bad rating he sent me a harrasing email with foul words. When I sent it to ebay, there was nothing they can do because he did not send the email through them... Very scary guy & has a history of it. After this happend, I contacted a previous customer of his who went through the same as me.
It is awful that there are those crumy folks out there. I have been buying and selling on ebay for years and have made some great transactions. I am sorry your experience has been soured. Thank you for the heads up on less than honest sellers. That is why feedback is so important. If the seller sent you the wrong eggs (especially at that price). They should be willing to make it up to you. Remeber you can add a follow up to your feedback. I would take photos of what hatched and send it to the seller. Good Luck

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