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Jun 18, 2009
Hi, I'm Teresa, in need of three female ducklings. I want to place an order soon with McMurray and am looking for someone to go in on an order with me, as the minimum is ten.

Anyone interested please respond here. Thanks!
I hope you find an order buddy. I split an order with a fellow Colorado duck aficionado. We both got exactly what we wanted.

What breed are you looking to get?
I'm thinking Khaki Campbells sound like the ducks for us. My almost 7-yr-old daughter wants a pet duck, I want eggs. Whenever I see a photo of runner ducks, though, they make me laugh and I'm tempted to order them instead. Any advice? What breed do you have?
I have had khakis and I still have a runner, but for friendliness AND egg laying, I say Welsh Harlequins. I got mine from Metzer.



Runners tend to be afraid of their own shadows and are just really jumpy. Khaki's aren't bad, but my little hatchery Welsh Harlequin girls are even friendlier that a buff/khaki and a runner/khaki I hatched and brooded myself.
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OMG those are gorgeous ducks! Great photography too! Now I'll have to look into that breed. Thanks!
Oh do...I have 6 of them and they are great ducks.... a medium bodied duck, good layers, friendly and beautiful.

My Anconas (5 of those) are ubber friendly too...even more so that the harlequins but they are a larger bodied duck and good layers too.

Check out my thread I just posted for pics of my babies who are just over 5 weeks old.

I hope you find someone to split the order with you.
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I just found out that Metzer will ship as few as TWO! They include a heat pack and charge extra, but I'm really excited that I'll be able to order! And I think we'll go with those Welsh Harlequins. All the nice things I hear about them sound like just what we're looking for.

Looking forward to reading more of the posts here while waiting for their arrival!

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