Alerts not corresponding to threads/threads broken?


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Dec 27, 2020
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Good morning, y'all!

Whenever I click on an alert, it takes me to that thread, but it seems like it takes me to an older version of that thread. I noticed it when I clicked an alert by 007Sean on the PFMs naming the BYC server thread. When I click the alert, it takes me to a post Matt W made yesterday at 2:23 AM, and nothing after that, it's the last page available. Keeps the alert unread, too. I assumed it was just mods cleaning up a PFM page because we got chatty, but it happened on another thread, Flash2021's chicken water disappearing thread. Same 9 yards, click alert, takes me to a post Yardmom made yesterday at 10:29 AM, nothing available after that to click on and the alert stays unread. All alerts still appear unread while on that thread when I click on them.

I noticed this happening around 6:50 AM CDT, when I logged on. I logged out and restarted my Chromebook just in case, but it didn't change.

The alert, before I've clicked to go to the page:
Screenshot 2021-10-08 06.54.07.png

The last post I can see:
Screenshot 2021-10-08 06.54.31.png

The alert before I've gone to the page with Flash2021's thread:
Screenshot 2021-10-08 06.55.05.png

The last post available on that thread:
Screenshot 2021-10-08 06.55.27.png

I may just be missing something, but the problem didn't go away and it's happening on multiple threads, so I'm not sure what's going on. I'll link other threads it's happening on.

Thank you so much for your time and effort to make BYC a great forum!

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