Algae Control in Duck pool


Jun 15, 2016
Kenduskeag, Maine
Hi everyone I am new to being a duck owner, I raised six ducklings this spring and decided I wanted to keep one male and one female due to what I had for space, I have to say I love it so far. They are our pets and very friendly however I have been struggling with their pool. They have a 275gal pool and with the warmer weather we've been getting it's been pretty bad keeping up with the algae. I can't exactly plant aquatic plants since it's a small pool and I came across tetra pond algae control water treatment. It says it's safe for fish but I can't find anything on it for being safe for waterfowl. I was wondering if anyone had heard of this or used it and what their experience is with it. I normally wouldn't mind cleaning out the pool every couple days however it's hard on our water pump to refill it that much/often. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!
Is their pond in the sun or shade? Shade will slow down the algae growth a bit.
Is there any filtration or anything to keep the water moving? That will also help a small bit.

My pond is ~1000 gallons and partly shaded. I get algae growth, but it doesn't seem to bloom and it doesn't smell or bother anybody, so I don't worry about it.

The kiddie pool in their pen - that gets blooms and changed out.
I was having the same problem I put the kiddie pools under the trees and bought some shade cover for gardens what a difference it makes the water temps are a lot cooler.
sorry I have not down loaded the recent pictures yet I put up 4 tee post and ducked taped the cover to the top it sages a little and blew off in a bad storm but other then that it works great.
We have a kiddie pool similar to the one pictured above. We are having a lot of trouble with keeping it clean. What are you guys doing to keep yours clean? We clean it out and there's 3 to 4 inches of their poo on the bottom and within 2 minutes of filling it with fresh water it is back to being black and disgusting. The area of the pool is getting very wet and muddy because we have to empty it, clean it, and refill it so often. Any opinions on a better system for them to swim without digging a pond or even mini pond? I have seen some posts about a pond filter but will that be able to withstand all of the duck poo? We have withheld from getting something bigger for them since we do have to empty it and refill it everyday. It is also in the shade.
Yeah the pool is sitting in the sun I have to find a way to level it if I put it in the shade cause it's only of the kid pools with bendable sides and its 6' x 15" and its hard to level it on our ground. So I will try to work on a level spot in the shade first. I also am looking for a small pump so i can get the water to move a bit. Any ideas on that would be appreciated as well. Thanks for all the help I'm still open to more ideas I really appreciate it everyone!
the pool does get dirty fast so I went out and got a transfer pump from the tractor store it has an influent and discharge hose I use a long hose and drain the pools to different fields. I then drag the pool away and dump the rest. I have about 4 pools and one 300gal. stock tank, lately with this heat and rain I feel all I do is clean pools haaaaaa. got to love them.

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