Aliens got my eggs? Need some except advice..

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    Mar 23, 2008
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    Sorry for the long rant, but I dont know where else to look for answers. I thought a fellow BYCer could help me out. [​IMG]

    I have a total of 5 eight month old chickens(2 EE, 2 BO & RIR) and three of them(2 EE & RIR) have stopped laying eggs. BO #1 is still laying everyday and BO # 2 has been broody. I dont know whats wrong with my other three though? They seem to be healthly, no bugs(that I can tell), eating and drinking just fine and not molting yet. Its been this way for almost a month and a half now. BO #2 went broody but none of the others have. Is there something Im doing wrong? Or maybe something else I need to be doing? They are all on layer feed and its 16% I think. Although I did get an odd colored egg today. Im not sure who its from either. Its darker than what BO #1 normally lays, buts its way too light for what my RIR lays. And totally wrong color from what my EEs lay. Maybe BO #2 layed it? She just hatched out her baby(only surviour) last..Wed, maybe Thur. So would she be laying again so soon?

    **And on a side note** [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Lola hatched out my one and only Araucana that I got from geareduplyn.
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    How old??? Mine stopped laying last month and I didn't know why, but I found out the other day that they're MOLTING!!! Look under their feathers for some blood feathers coming in, but keep in mind mine didn't have obvious signs of molting till just a few days ago (cause I'm blind and cause they're very SLOWLY molting)....

    U already said how old...LOL! Mine are about the same, they hatched late feb and are already molting....
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    Quote:There 8 months old. Ive looked all through their feathers I didnt see anything odd. No bugs, blood, itching, scratching or anything else.
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    Tis the season for decreased egg laying. The daylight hours are getting shorter and the hens are going into their natural rest period.
    The BOs are a breed that's known to lay well in the wintertime so that could be why you're continuing to get eggs from them, but not the others.

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