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Jul 6, 2020
I've read lots of concerned posts about ducklings, hatching and rearing. So I thought I would add to the topic.
Having raised many different types of ducks I have seen lots of circumstances here are a few basics.
Firstly raising ducklings can be a major investment, you will need to give lots of your time.
Allowing nature to take it's course can be best for hatching but once they are hatched you will need to give real consideration to the environment you keep your new family in. Get this wrong and expect deaths.
Incubating is a real art and if your successful so is rearing. Make sure you learn about the importance of niacin. Constant care and attention to your ducklings and their brooder is essential. Look out for weak ducklings, your time is short to act on any deficiencies. Read up on the subject before you start and be prepared!
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