all about hatching eggs and homemade incubator questions!!!!


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Mar 28, 2008
willamette valley, oregon
ok, so i have decided to make a home made incubator, perhaps a breadbox one (thank you missprissy!)
but i want to know everything that i need to so i dont just jump into it. and i want to know tricks about hatching eggs and the requierments\\ things they need. and how to make a good bator efectivly and inxpensivly, so please help me! and i would also like to know if anyone is selling fertile eggs. hehe. thanks a bunch and i hope you can help me! sorry if people have posted stff like this before.


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Mar 2, 2008
good bator efectivly and inxpensivly,

A few competing factors there ......

Excellent, Good and Satisfactory are all different. In the end it comes down to a combination of what is acceptable to the user, in terms of effort and cost, considering obtainable hatch rates.

Hatch rates for small table-top incubators are reasonable at around 70%. For more sophisticated set-ups figures in excess of 90% are achievable. These come at a price, and with experience.

70% is good and effective at a $150 price point, but less so at $500.

Search on here for *homemade incubator* ... you will get lots of ideas.​

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