All About the Roo Roo Rosters!!! Thread :)


7 Years
May 21, 2012
south Ga
I looked around and could not find a Roster thread...SO here we go....
I would love to hear stories...good ones, bad ones, funny ones :) What is your favorite Rooster
and which one would you rather just eat

What do you do about a mean roo that loves and is good to his hens?

What about the first time you were attacked!

I know there are tons of great stories just waiting to be shared here

and I'll start

The 1st time my bannie roo got me I about had a heart attack! I was attacked when younger and have issues about it, and was a little peeved when my dad brought them home to live with me!!!! He said it was safer at my house because they live on the edge of a swamp (we all live on family land) and he is right but still I wanted nothing to do with a rooster! anyways after the 1st time I tried to stay away form him and was quite scared, but the chicken coop is next to my washing room so I have to go their daily and the rooster started waiting till I had my back turned and then he would pounce...all 27 ounces of him...looking back it was hysterical, me a full grown woman running from this tiny little 'thing'...eventually I became to hate him and started chasing him around with anything I could find fast enough after an attack...he NEVER backs down! finally I read an article on here about how to tame the I stoped chasing him around and started to be calm and simply just not back down, I would try offering him food or just starring at him till he would leave....I named him thanksgiving
for obvious reasons :) until he saved my flock of week old chicks from a stray cat... and then chased off a stray dog a week later...I now call him buddy and capture him anytime I can, I'll bring him into the house and sit with him, cuddle him and kiss him...he hates it, I love it...Win Win in my eyes :)

I now have at least 4 rooster chicks, maybe more out of 23 babies ... a speckeled sussex, silver spangled hamburg, an EE and O yes and some strait run silkies (one at least must be a roo i'm thinking)
so more fun stories to come!!!!!

Now it is your turn :)

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