all boys? bad luck? questions on color


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9 Years
Oct 8, 2010
Hello everyone,

I was very excited last week to believe that I might at least have one male peafowl out of my group of four peachicks. I noticed green/slight blue on the shoulder/neck of one peachick. I went out last night to feed and 3/4 now have color on the base of their neck/shoulder and not real sure about the 4th chick. So, do girls ever have a bit of color? I can not tell by the tons of tiny pics I have looked at this morning. I just might have got all boys?

on the bright side, it would give me a excuse to buy more next year
I have some babies that i know are hens and yes they have green feathers popping out on their necks but mine have some spalding blood in them and they have alot more color in their neck feathers when they mature VS my regular IB hen.
I will take some photos of the babies and see if the color shows up on the pic.

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