all chicks OUT OF THE HOUSE...JIT

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    Dec 8, 2012
    thats it. they reached a size that made having them in a bedroom intolerable. fortunately, the weather here has gotten hot: 25 celsius, and we ahve moved them in to an impromtu holding tank area in our greenhouse/junk storage area.. it has a dirt floor, ventilation, lots of holes unfortunatley and a neighbhor says he saw a weasel/mongoose critter investigating at 3 a/m but i dont care... haveing 22 two month old or more chicks in a 95 sq. meter apartment is way too much.
    we have white dust every where, as if someone opened a sack of flour in the hosue... my youngest refused to come over for coffee and cake on friday nite, my son announced that, if he was resigned to having an eccentric mother, odd grandparents and nutty dogs, he definately was not adjusted to the fact that my house had become a chicken coop and smelled like one. my oldest fortunately has worked most of her life at a zoo, and now at a botanic gardens, so apart form a comment about the house smelling like the lemur house, she could deal... HOWEVER, pesach( passover) is coming up,so spring cleaning in a thorough fashion must be done.

    so husband spends time in the greenhouse communing with them there.

    it took me one evening to do a basic cleanup and then a basic wash with eucalyptus smelling ajax (yep,finally have ajax here)/ the lhasas went beserk cause the birds had disappeared so foofoo spent the night crying at the front door, and when released out, making a mad dash for the greenhouse and circling it and whining.
    today i spent time wasing chicken **** off closets, out of cracks in the floors, and dealing with all the various dishes we were using to give food, water, veggies etc.
    although hubby would love to keep them here in the greenhouse, the minute they start cockaricooo, they will be moved. also, dont think the kibbutz will allow that amount of birds to be here; its not like one or two pet chickens. it

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    Mozal tov! Your chicks are growing into chickens, and you got your bedroom back. While you husband is out communing with the chickens, I hope he is also patching up the holes, and planning their future chicken coop. It won't take too much longer for them to start crowing.
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    Now you have to keep them safe while they are outside!

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