All i have left of my very first hens!


8 Years
Sep 5, 2011
The very first hens i got 3 years ago were 6 battery hens and a cockerel as you would know over them 5 years some of the first ones died and got replaced now out of then 6 hens all i have left is the cockerel and 1 hen ginger.
Ginger is 5 years old, she is the boss shes a very nice one dosent chase others away from food unless they try to push her out the way, she still lays and she got caught by a stoat but she rather got away or my cockerel saved her (but then the stoat killed my light sussex)
Heres rocky:

Heres ginger:

Heres rocky ginger and sweet annie (gingers best friend, who is a retired free range farmed hen) (ginger is on the end, sweetannie middle and its clear which one is rocky) :
I just love a red hen! My oldest is a red hen too......A golden buff from the Meyer Hatchery. She's four now, and she quit laying a while ago. Daisy just roams the property all day, and she's the only one of my original first three chickens.......Violet was taken by a predator as a young pullet, and Lily passed in the winter of 2010.

Glad you shared your pics!

they arnt the only hens they are just the cockerels 2 favouraites

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