All I wanted was one FRIZZLE! Is that too much to ask?

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  1. kobesmom81

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    Oct 6, 2008
    Atwater, CA
    Since the first time I laid eyes on a frizzle I wanted one. I've bid on ebay and checked all over for eggs or chicks. Either nobody has them or when someone does have them I don't have the money. Plus, after spending $70 on various eggs to be shipped to us and none hatched, I'm a little hesitant to buy eggs in the mail because the risk of a bad hatch is so high. So, we go to a show and there is an egg auction. And guess what they have? One dozen white cochin frizzles! So, I bid and I get out bid and we go back and forth until I win for $21. We get home and we put them in the incubator. That was on the 3rd of April. DH candled them at 7 days and said they didn't look fertile but I told him to give it a little longer. Well, we candled the other night. Out of 12 eggs not one of them was fertile. All the other eggs in the bator (12 the DH set the same time as the cochins and 7 out of 12 fertile eggs from Trader Joes) are developing and look great. The 12 eggs that DH set came from the same show from someone else. Both sets made the same car ride home and both were set at the same time. I am so disappointed and its really hard for me to think that this was just someone accidentally selling eggs that they thought were fertile. We hatch eggs from all of our birds before we sell any and know who is with who and who's eggs are fertile and who's aren't. I know it makes it worse because I really wanted them but really could someone make this kind of mistake? I know my money went to a good cause but its not like I just had $21 to give away for nothing. I'm just so frustrated. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. [​IMG] I was trying hard to get SQ bantam chicks for my kids to show in the fair. I spent lots of $$$ and lots of time incubating eggs that didn't grow. I feel your pain. We did FINALLY get a few chicks to hatch after much $$$ and time. Maybe Frizzles are not meant to be for you right now!
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    May 20, 2008
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    Were you looking for show quality frizzles? Couldn't you just order some frizzle chicks from a hatchery, like Ideal?
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    I see chicks for sale all the time in the Sacramento craigslist.

    They have an ad now...

    I'm heading to Modesto on thursday May 7th... might be able to drop a couple off for you
    ... I think that is on the way??

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    Apr 12, 2009
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    I got 7 bantams from TSC and it looks like one is going to be a Frizzle, i had no clue but now the idea is in my head i think its really cool. Maybe that will happen with you, when you least expect it?
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    Feb 17, 2009
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    I ordered 6 frizzled red cochins from McMurray and I have only one curly frizzle and 2 silkie looking frizzleds and 2 non frizzled (plain) one little guy did not make it!!

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    I have frizzles................... I sell their eggs, I have White, Black, Partridge and sometimes blue. [​IMG]
  8. I wish I had frizzles to send you. Good luck in your quest.
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    Jan 19, 2009
    new zealand

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    I love your frizzles nzpouter. They sell frizzles all the time at Concord Feed
    The only problem is that the frizzles don't always frizzle because it is a 50/50 ration for each hatch. I got a red frizzle that didn't frizzle but he does have the genes for it. You can have him for making more if you can get at least a frizzle hen.

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