All of my birds


Aug 17, 2020
Ok let's begin
1.) Nilla, ISA brown hen
2.) Angel, ISA brown hen
3.) Goldie, ISA brown hen
4. Honey, ISA brown hen
5.) Aspen, easter egger X jersy giant rooster
6.) Ember, easter egger X jersy giant rooster
7.) Frost, easter egger rooster
8.) Cinnamon, cinnamon queen hen
9.) Nutmeg, cinnamon queen hen
10.) Salt, barred rock hen
11.) Pepper, barred rock hen
12.) Ginger, Rhode island red hen
13.) Romeo, silver laced wyandotte rooster
14. Juliet, silver laced wyandotte hen
15.) Heresy, pearl X lavender guinea male
16.) Kiss, pearl Guinea female
17.) Bliss, golden laced wyandotte pullet
18.) Fawn, unknown mixed breed pullet
19.) Saphire, saphire splash pullet
20.) Ruby, saphire splash pullet
21.) Paprika, production red pullet
22.) Mahogany, production red pullet

Ok that is all of the if you have any questions about the breeds I can (probably:lau) answer them, and I would like to hear the names of your chickens as well

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