All of my goslings are now dead

Dec 6, 2019
I am doing well with ducks, none of my ducklings had died. Maybe muscovy moms are just good moms. The brooder and incubator system won't work for me due to blackout issues.

Meanwhile I am doing bad with goslings. All of my goslings are now dead.

Out of 20 eggs only 3 hatched. 2 of those 3 died 3 weeks later their leg got stuck on a vine during a rainy afternoon. My last one died because a stampede happened because something scared them and many of them stepped on the poor gosling.

Mating season will come this march and they will be laying eggs again this april.

I want to ask if you think this will work.

I will buy this three feet tall dog playpen on ebay and make the mother and goslings live there. I will clip mom's wings so she cant fly. These play pens are foldable and I can buy 2 play pens and combine them to make a big one.

Mom won't be joining the march but she can at least still see her original flock. She will be more focused on her babies with this isolation. I am also considering a chicken coop cage where the mom and babies will be stuck.

My original plan was to make them live on my abandoned pig pen but the pig pen has become a sanctuary for rats and monitor lizards.

Another thing I consider, since I am having too much ducks these days and I have no plans of harvesting ducks.... I will harvest all duck eggs and have ducks sit on geese eggs instead. Ducks are better mothers anyway.

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Apr 22, 2015
I use the foldable dog pens with my miniature turkeys and it worked well until the poults got large enough to free range. Ducks will raise goslings.
You have my sympathy as someone that recently went through a 5 day blackout. Not much fun when everything at my home runs on electricity.

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When I brought home 2 1 day old goslings I brooded them for 3 weeks before my goose pair got them for good. I know my gander he’s a clutch and I didn’t want squished goslings. They got to spend time with them daily with me supervising but they didn’t get them for good for 3 weeks they did awesome with them then.


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Jun 25, 2019
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I am so sorry to hear about the remaining goslings :hugs Dog pen looks like a good plan, and like you said if the geese still won't cooperate and parent, give the babies to the ducks. They will do a great job!
Dec 6, 2019
After the death of all goslings, One of the of my geese bullied a broody duck out her nest. Now she is sitting on her eggs. I think this is her coping mechanism after the death of the goslings. I want to keep her away from those eggs and let the duck go back to her nest.
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