All of the flock pooping watery/clear poop.. help


Aug 9, 2019
So I've recently noticed that all of my bigger flock is pooping extremely watery/clear poops. They're all acting perfectly normal though and I don't see anything else wrong with them The two that are laying are laying normally too. They're all 5 months old btw

The poops are usually completely clear like someone sprayed water on the ground but sometimes they look like this.


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There is some fecal material in there, but chickens in hot weather may drink a lot more water which can in turn, make the droppings watery. You can give them some probiotics a couple of times a week, and try a little cottage cheese in their feed to help firm up droppings. Cooked rice (never uncooked) with buttermilk is another food that may firm up stools, but just give a small amount to each chicken. Those have probiotics as well. If you are concerned about worms or coccidiosis, try to get some droppings checked by a vet.
It might be the heat. It's been pretty hot here recently. I might put some cottage cheese in there though. Thank you

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