ALL of them?


Feb 15, 2020
No eggs for me this winter.
My six girls, all the same age (9mo) have all proven themselves to be good layers and gave me 5-6 eggs a day for months since this August.
I have two EEs, two Dominiques, one BO, and one SS.
At least a couple should lay through the winter.
I’m in Portland, OR.
It’s not a harsh climate.
They are well fed, and get scraps daily, which can vary from apple cores to leftover pasta dinner.
What is going on? All of them have stopped. Four in November, and the two Doms (bless their souls for sticking out this long) just a few days ago.
The fam doesn’t really want to set up lighting. It’s not super important that we get eggs, but as I told them that we would be getting a couple eggs at least in the winter, thye are a bit disappointed that they won’t be able to make those lovely fried eggs & bacon we all enjoy with OUR eggs.
Advice? Theories?
Any feather piles? Molting will also put them off their laying. Only my australorp is going strong almost daily. The rest total winter freeloaders.
Chickens aren’t supposed to fully molt until 15-18 mo, I thought?
They went through a light one. Just some eyebrows and tail feathers, and only on a few of them.
Each bird is unique and won't necessarily have read that "they" say they are supposed to lay in winter. ;)

Daily treats can dilute the protein enough to stop them from laying. Short days can stop even pullets from laying. Dual purpose breeds tend to stop in winter....even their first winter.

If you want to try perhaps stop all the goodies for a week or two to see if that's it.

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