all stock and hog feed, how much difference?


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Sep 9, 2008
Pilot Mountain, NC
I have layer feed in the hen houses, and all stock out for everyone. But the hog feed sounds much less expensive. My chickens and little nannies share an area. The nannies are ALWAYS getting into the chicken food. So I have to lock the hen houses up during the day. But how would this hog feed work out? any thoughts?


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Mar 21, 2008
Centre Rawdon, Nova Scotia, Canada
You need to ask yourself why hog feed is cheaper.
Hogs are mammals.
The issue with poultry feed, especially for layers is the ratios of calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and potassium.
You have to avoid urea additives.
Does the hog feed have the correct proportion of vitamins, electrolytes and plant enzymes?

If you ignore these rules you can cause all kinds of growth problems and generate kidney problems. Some people mix their feed, but based on what chickens need.
Even if the protein level is the same, we blend different mixes for different species to enhance their function and to avoid trouble.
I wouldn't.
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