All the sudden very odd and soft tip eggs

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    Anna is a RIR and has been a good layer. She is 1.5 yrs old and we have had since 5 days old as with most of our girls. Right now all of our girls have slowed WWAAYYY down on laying which isn't a big deal to us, we love them just the same :hugs

    Anyway, the past couple of eggs that Anna has laid has been weird! The first one we joked that she ate something alive and it was still trying to get out when it "went through the egg making process" as it had a mark that look like something pushed trying to get out. But this one today the top tip if you want to call it that is soft! I touched it and you can see it dented it in


    She was being picked on earlier this year but hubby made two additional coops and runs so we have 7 in one and 2 in the other 2 so everybody is happy.

    From what I heard we are going into molt season? If so I guess that would explain the slowing down on production.

    On a happy note, our babies are laying! They are 6 month on Sicilian Buttercups. It is cute to see their little white eggs. Our Elsa lays 75 gram white eggs and now we are getting 33 gram eggs, so TINY :lau
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    Yes, and as funky eggs can happen when they first start laying...and also before and after a molt.

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