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Cameo Pied White Eye mature hen. I have had her for six months, she has been inside on wood chips and has an outside run 16 x 24 she shares with three other hens and a cock. She prefers to be inside and has always had a bit of an eye irritation, but it seems to be getting worse. The sinus seems to be clear, no coughing or drainage. She does wipe her eye on her shoulder and keeps it closed from direct sunlight.

I was wondering the same thing when i read your post and saw the photos, i have never seen eye worms or anything with them but it did come to mind, i know that when something pokes , scratches or gets into their eye it will foam and bubbble and some times it will foam for a few days till the irritant is gone so it seems to me if she dose have eye worm/or worms there would be a constant foaming and bubbling as is not going to leave, just what i am thinking but don't know what or how big these eye worms are, hopefully someone here as seen them in an animal before and can chime in.
Here is a topic on eye works here on BYCi do not know how reliable the info for treatment is but it gives you a start as to what you might need if she does have eye worms./worm

Thank you Zaz. I put a call into my vet, but she is out of the office.
I do have vet-rx and I will isolate her for now. I also read that one ml of Ivermec injectable and four parts of mineral oil, three drops to be applied above the eye and repeated in five days. Two problems, one the vet assistant thought that Ivermec wouldn't mix with oil, and two, I am not sure if it IS eye worms. Vet RX won't hurt either way but I always want to know that I am treating for the correct thing with the correct treatment.
I think that ivermectin doesn't mix well with water, so it might be okay with oil. On iPad now, so can't really see the pictures very well. When Mike heads off to work I will look at them on the computer.

Disclaimer: I've only seen pictures of eye worm, so I'm just guessing, but to me it looks more like abrasions.

Probably best to have the vet look at it.


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