Almond trees, Pecan trees and Olive Trees any dangers?????


12 Years
Sep 5, 2007
San Antonio, TX
Hello to all, I just purchased four acres of land for me to fill up. I plan on planting almond , pecan, and olive trees. I think almonds grow on trees or are they bushes? Anyways, I have seen my chickens devour pecans but what about almonds? Like when the almond falls from the tree / bush it is encased with a green something and the almond is inside.
My questions are:

1: If the chickens eat the green encasing of the almond (I don't know what that is called) is that poisonous?

2: If my chickens are eating on almonds, olives and pecans (because I like almonds and plan on freezing them) is that a lot of protein for them or not enough.

3: Are olives poisonous to chickens? If not do they provide protien for them?

4: Let's say it's a lot because I don't know, if they are meat birds is the meat more nutritional?

Thanks in advance --
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