Almost a year in the making coop!


Nov 12, 2020
North Arkansas
Last winter, after lots of research, I began building my coop. I knew that I wanted a farmhouse style coop but never could find exactly what I wanted online. No plans or even pictures. I definitely wanted it to look old timey bc I am an old fashioned guy. I would buy some material on pay day when I could and then build what I could until I could afford more material. Several times I tore parts down and rebuilt them bc I am a perfectionist. The coop is definitely not perfect but I feel like it turned out good and also secure. In the spring I plan to add on to the run. The coop as it is is 4’x 8’ and tall enough for me to stand in. The run is 16’x 8’ and also tall. The run has a dog fence apron all the way around and also rock all around the bottom. I built every last bit of it by myself. Not even anyone to hold a board for me lol. There are a few things I want to do to it as time goes by. Today I added an antique looking solar light to the front. Also, I want to find a weathervane for the top. The girls love it so far!


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thats a chicken palace lol, love it .. mine would want to roost all the way up top though, i'd make a ladder up to a couple of spots in the rafters at the other end ..

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