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Aug 24, 2009
We still have some finishing touches like the roof! but here's what my husband and I put together so far. The RIRs finally went inside but they won't come out. We've been gently bringing them into the pen (carrying them one by one) and then block them from going back in so they get used to the yard. Is it normal for them to be so afraid?


Very nice!! They may need to adjust to the move for a day or 2....scatter some treats in the run and give them a little time....they'll come out when they feel more comfortable
Saves you from having to play chicken carrier..
chickens are so nosey. give them time and they will be out.. we are putting an addition on ours and they are all over hubby while he tries to build it.. makes it hard to work lol but cute
the coop looks great.
as for them coming out - I am sure they will soon enough.
Mine were all over the coop and run as I have been building it. I keep trying to keep them away from freshly painted parts.
so i lock them away from the coop lately. another day or so and it will be ready for them.

I think your will apreciate the space.
Thanks for the compliments. Today seems to be going better and more chicks are out in the yard. Yay! Now to find a way to make an easy roof...any suggestions?
Easy roof for coop, run or both???? I used corrugated PVC roofing for my run, used opaque, white to allow for light. I comes in several sizes/lenghts and installs easily. I raised one side of the run so the roof slopes down a little to allow rain to run of. Also have a few inches overhang so the run is protected from the worst rain......Stays dry and no way for birds and other predators to get in from above.

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