Almost free 2 white Silkie Roosters! Get them before they go bye-bye!


10 Years
Jul 4, 2009
Barton VT



Two lonely young white Silkie roosters looking for some nice looking female fuzzy butts to call their own. Too many roosters in the hen house and fighting is inevitable with them. Handsome and started rooing a little over a month ago. Believed to be 5 months old. They do have some yellow coloring on the back of their necks, but it hopefully will go away (they are still growing). Came from the Johnson, VT bird swap. Wanted hens.....but...well, you know how it goes! The mother was there and she was a very nice looking gal. I just need these guys gone ASAP. I feel sorry for them, because I had no choice but to separate them from the other Silkies because of fighting. They are living in a medium sized dog crate and I know they don't like it. I know I wouldn't.

Pickup only because of time of year and shipping costs. I am in Barton, Vermont. Thanks!
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