Almost lock down day.... couple of questions please.

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Apr 8, 2013
I believe lock down day should be on this Saturday, since I added the eggs to the incubator on Monday, Apr 1 in the afternoon. Is that right?
That should give me a hatch day of about the 23rd?
How long should I expect the chicks to take once they start moving the egg? Is there any particular thing I should watch out for that would signal them needing help from me?
Day one is one day after incubation so apr 2 afternoon is day 1 starts
Apr3 is when day 2 starts
Today is the 17 so it's day 16 :/
Total hatch zone is from 21-26 day
Idk about the moving but about 32 hours after the first pip if there's no chick it needs help
BUT HELP IS A NO GO if the chick dies it wasn't strong enough to live in this world :/
Many helped chick get crippled and catch disease very quick :/
It think I answered all ur questions :)
I have chicks in day 18 today :)
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Thanks for the help! Many, many moons ago we raised different birds (chickens, peacocks, pheasants, etc) and there were a few times we helped a bird hatch out. Luckily I can remember only a few not making it afterward. But, yeah, I hear you about them being weak to begin with. :/
Thanks again!

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