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    May 13, 2010
    Central Arkansas
    Well me and my BO pullet both had blond moments. I was moving my coop/tractor with the lawn mower. Well she decided not to move along with it as she has before and maybe I shoulda known better but luckily hubby was behind it and hollered for me to stop because her leg was stuck up under it and the coop was pretty high up on her leg Now here is where either she was using her brain or was too dumb to realize she was in any danger but she held perfectly still until we raised it up and pushed her leg back under. She wasn't limping or anything!!! I felt all the long bones of the leg and they are all strong and stable! No broken bones no thanks to me! So I caught all 3 and put them in the coop and finished the move. I definitely won't make that mistake again!
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    Whew, what a close one. Glad it all turned out a-ok. (I am sure the pullet is happy too [​IMG] )

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