Aloha! Trying to raise 'quiet' chickens :-)


7 Years
Apr 29, 2013
Anson County, North Carolina
Aloha! I am on the island of Oahu and have recently gotten back into having laying hens. I am in a residential area and have had up to three hens at a time but eventually had to get rid of them because they were very 'vocal' when announcing their eggs. ( I have not had roos) In our community, most people have open louvers with screened windows. Houses are close together, so every noise is heard. Since I only have a few hens at a time, I don't have enough eggs to offer all my neighbors to 'appease' them. Anyway, I have been pretty happy with my two adult Ameracaunas. We rarely hear them. I had to get rid of a Rhode Island Red recently that I purchased with the other two.
I am trying Barred Rock and Cuckoo Marans also which I read can be quieter breeds.

I love all the info, pics and encouragement I have had already from this forum. Thanks!
Welcome to BYC!!! I LOVE HAWAII!! Aloha from NJ!! If you are looking for quieter breeds, definitely look into Buff Orpingtons. I wanted to rather quiet and mellow bird, and Buffs are absolutely perfect. They barely even make a racket when they lay! They are also an excellent production bird and will lay consistently. Good lucky to you!
Welcome to BYC!!

Stay away from production birds for sure! Reds of any sort. I agree that Buffs are often nice and quiet, but my experience with Barreds is that they can go either way. No experience with Marans. I wish you the best of luck with your quiet chickens.

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