the compound

5 Years
Apr 10, 2014
I've finally joined!!! Got my coop built, got my ladies and enjoying some great eggs. Been almost a year now and enjoying the girls so much. It's amazing how they each have their very own personalities. They are HAPPY chickens. So proud of the coop my Brother, Husband and Son-in-Law worked's FUN! Even got the grandkids to paint magnet plaques that have chicken jokes on them and hang on the cage by the magnest. We love our chickens. The Compound!

Welcome to BYC!

So glad you are enjoying your chickens! They are so much fun to own! And congrats on the coop! You should post a pic of your coop on our coop pages or in our Coop Construction Forums as I am sure other members will enjoy looking at it!!

So glad you could join our community! Welcome to our flock and enjoy all your poultry adventures!

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