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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by needlessjunk, Aug 30, 2014.

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    May 19, 2014
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    So I'm starting to think I have 1 female and 1 male pekin. However they are stilly young and maybe I will end having 2 females ;) I was thinking that in the spring I would like to add 2 more females to the flock but I would like some smaller ducks. I'm looking at all differently types and would love some breeds that need help. Ultimately we want them for eggs. Will having a larger pekin drake be a problem if we get smaller ducks? I'm assuming 1 lone female addition would not be so good especially since I would more than likely be getting a duckling and it will need company. Am I correct in that line of thinking?
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    Hey there, I think you've pretty much got everything correct above!

    Similarly, I have four Pekin girls and would like to add 2 Welsh Harlequins now. They are smaller, so won't take up much more space, and are supposed to be The Best Layers, better than Kahki Cambells and with a softer temperament. When you factor in lifespan, I've actually read they are the best layers of all poultry! They're also really beautiful and on the endangered species watch list I believe. But you can still get them from Holderreads and Metzer's.

    I'm debating keeping my flock all girls, or adding 1 WH Drake now. Sort of the opposite of your question, but I have been wondering if that would work at all. Would the smaller Drake try to mount the larger Pekins ever, or just totally ware out the 1 WH girl...

    What's making you believe you have a drake? We thought 1 of our girls might have been at about 16 weeks, but now at 6 months I'm pretty sure they're all female.
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