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  1. i placed an order of 10 black old english game bantams from idea.. I know a couple people on here have ordered from them, did you have a good exoperenice with them? also they said that they may had males for warmth, i think that they mean RIR, so let me know how ideal is...
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    I have an order from ideal due to be shipped tomorrow... I have talked to some of the staff and they have all been great... I will let you know what i get for extras...
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    I ordered my first chicks from Ideal last November. I was totally satisfied with them. i ordered 12 BR pullets and they sent me 7 more RIR cockerels as packing peanuts. All chicks arrived alive and doing well. After the RIR's got to 15 weeks they were culled and now reside in my freezer - well all but two that we have consumed.
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    If you don't want males added for warmth, you need to specify that when you order and pay a small amount (couple dollars) of shipping insurance.
    I am very pleased with my Ideal birds.
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    I've dealt with Ideal many times. Good people to work with.
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    Two orders with Ideal. My only complaint is the hawk like them just as much as I did so that is why I had two orders. Well the second order is doing fine. They follow me around and while some are a little shy the BR and RR (packing peanuts) I can pick up. The SLW, GLW are a little stand offish but follow me around as well. Good luck. I don't know when the packing peanuts will be packed into the freezer for now they aren't even at appetizer size yet.
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    Ive ordered some Ideal a couple different times. No real problems. They were super friendly too. Once when I ordered, I ordered one black frizzle and one white frizzle. Well one of them turned out not to be a frizzle. I emailed them, just to let them know and they sent me a refund. For the chick+cost of shipping and just a little extra. That was super nice of them when they didnt have to. Ive had one or two that had a small deformed toe, but nothing that wasnt able to be fixed with a little piece of cardboard and a bandaid.

    I would buy from them again! [​IMG]
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    I have used Ideal several times but it was always orders of 50 or more. Never had a bad experience with them and their customer service has always been pleasant. Once I thought they messed up my order of 50 gold sex link PULLETS. It seemed every single one was feathering out solid white (MALES) They allowed me to send pictures and they responded very promptly and kindly. Turned out the order was not messed up but rather I assumed that gold sex links would feather out like red sex links. I learned different and ended up with no males in that bunch. The gold came right on in a few weeks later. Good Luck.
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    Ideal is great. Not perfect but when they do have a problem they are more than willing to make it right. I will order from them again.
  10. Healthy chicks--better quality than I was expecting (although still not show-worthy).

    My MIL & I ordered chicks in June...18 pullets...

    Out of 18 "pullets", we ended up with THREE roosters and I ended with the wrong breed?? I didn't order a La Fleche rooster but I got one! LOL

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