Alternative CX's?

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Jan 26, 2015
I can believe I just realized this but won't a normal chicken eat close to the same amount of feed to get to the same weight? Will it just take longer for the non CX chick or will they eat more too?

Depending on the type of chicken your talking about, it will eat a lot more food to get to the same weight. And when it does finally reach that weight it won't be the same type of carcass.

My CX's eat between 6-8lbs of feed each to reach slaughter weight, they also are on pasture which helps that number. At 8 weeks to a 5-6lb bird that's pretty good. For a layer type of chicken they eat more than that just to get to 20 weeks of age, and unless they are a very large breed there's not much meat. Certainly not comparable to a Cornish X.

Your comparing oranges to apples, it's not even close. You can eat any chicken but they aren't all created equal.

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