Alternative Emu Containment- Not Fencing! Any suggestions?

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We would dearly love to raise two emu chicks as pets. Reading the many helpful sources we have an idea of how much adult emus need in which to run.
We have available a only a 400SF area fenced high/strong enough. Perhaps okay for young chicks, but not for full grown adults.
There is a much larger suitable area - however, it cannot be fenced.
From the many helpful sources about emus we learn that "hot wire" electric fencing will collar receivers - such as used successfully with dogs - does not work.
Would thinning the neck feathers under the collar work?
Or are there other ideas as to how to safely keep emus without conventional fencing? Suggestion will be most welcome.
They won't respond to the "shock collars" used for dogs.. emu brains just don't work like that even if you were to thin the feathers.. they need a fence.. no other way around it.. lol.. even a moat won't work since the buggers can swim quite well...
First time they are shocked they will just take off in a random direction.

Or dig a nice wide trench/moat that they can't get up out of on the far side...
They may not even see this wire, even a 1" tape, but race through it and pull the whole lot down, even get entangled in it and all HELL will be let loose, even get hurt etc.. then...what's on the other side ?? more problems.

Don't have any Emus, unless you get proper 6ft fencing all round, well worth the expense and effort.
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they are all right you need 6ft fencing all around the area , besides I had a electric fence around the bottom outside my pen to keep coyote's out when they were attacking one of my emu (and I had the 2x4 welded 6ft fencing ) when Elmo got spooked and ran over the fence , she was trying to get back in when I saw her she hit the electric fence her body jerked then she passed out I thought she died as she fell into the creak and lay there I ran out there and she finally got up and I had to open the gate for her to go in . but she had such a bad reaction I took the electric fence down even though it was on the out side bottom ,I didn't want her to go through that again .If you love them you will protect them .

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