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    My chickens are in a 10X10 coop which has a large doghouse in it (long story; I put it in there thinking the ducks would stay in it -- they did part time; now I have no ducks) and the chickens prefer to roost on top of that doghouse instead of the roost poles/boards. They'll crowd onto it until no more can fit, and those who lost out on the "bedtime run" settle for the roost boards. My question is this (however dumb it may sound): Why couldn't I just take the dog house out, take the roost boards out, and put in one of those folding tables with the plastic/poly tops like are used for church dinners & such? It would be lightweight and easy to move if necessary, it would be easy to sterilize, they could all fit onto it (or put in 2 tables), and it should be warm enough to keep their toes safe. I could put the nest boxes under the tables; no poop in nest boxes! Yay! Is this a reasonable idea, or another one of my brain vacation moments? Don't be shy, tell me the truth! I can take it! [​IMG]
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    why not? let us know how it works!
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    Unless one of the other members who has had chickens for a long time comes in and gives me a good explanation of why this will NOT work and why it's a VERY BAD idea, I really think I'm going to try it.
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    LOL ... remember, I don't have chickens or a coop yet! [​IMG]
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    go for it.... i just stuck 2 old hand railings in mine. i have no idea if they'll use it. chickens don't seem to care long as they are high up and comfy.
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    Yeah but they will be sitting in poop that way [​IMG]

    A normal roost made of a tree limb or 2x4 or whatever is really MUCH kinder to the birds, and more hygeinic, and also easier to clean (b/c the poo remains untouched rather than getting mushed down onto the tabletop).

    You can have a droppings board *under* the roost, like 6-18" below, to catch the poo so you can scrape it off in the morning -- this arrangement works REALLY well for me -- but there really ARE problems with trying to omit the roost and just have the board.


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    The only problem I'd see is the vinyl on the top could rip fro there claws exposing the particle board under surface. Which unprotected would eventually succum to the poop storm.[​IMG][​IMG]

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    Is it possible that that they "prefer to roost on top of that doghouse instead of the roost poles/boards" because your roosts are too narrow and/or uncomfortable for them.
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    my birds HATE roost boards,, they have 1 ladder some will roost on,, the others roost on the built in shelves or floor.
  10. I think that's a great idea. Just be sure there isn't a place where a bird could get strung up on the underframe.
    You could make a platform or even a large shelf, well-supported.
    My girls love their platforms, one by a window and one on an inside wall that's heavily insulated. It also makes cleanup easy, I use a paint scraper and a small bucket and get about 3/4 of the manure. This lessens the bedding you'll need over the winter, too! [​IMG]

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