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Oct 5, 2009
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Just an Idea for anyone interested in using it. I've always liked playing with theatrical and stage lighting. A while back I started using what is call a Gel Sheet or Par Gel. It amounts to a filter the light passing through changes color while allowing the heat to pass through. Stage lighting gets very hot and these sheets were designed to let the heat out of the fixture.

On my brooders I lay a sheet on the wire opening in the top. I then place the utility light with a flood lamp over the gel sheet, but not allowing the bulb to touch the sheet.

This works well for those of us who do not need a 250 watt lamp in our brooders. I have a dimmer switch on mine with a 125 watt heat lamp. We all know how hard it can be to find a red 125 watt or lower lamp in red.

Use your imagination in your particular setup. This is just something that may help others.

Here is mine from the inside of the brooder looking up. Keep in mind that it is now dark here, but I wanted to wait till late so you could see the setup and how it looks better.


Here is the actual view thru the window of the brooder


I hope you get the Idea, the pictures were taken with the flash off so the pics are a little dim.

Here is just an example of where you can get them. I'm not endorsing this site, just trying to show you the product.

For those who paint their bulbs, be careful, they can explode and cause a fire.

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I got a 75watt floodlight at Wal-Mart on the lightbulb aisle in the hardware department. It's one of the ones with thick glass on the front I think they call it "weather resistant" or something.

Just a heads up if you are looking for a lower wattage red bulb.
Chook-A-Holic, that's a pretty neat idea to use a Gel Sheet!

I also use a red floodlight (I get them at Wal-Mart & Lowes); it's 85 watts:


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